It's time to test your skills against Long Beard's crew of scurvy dogs in our interactive pirate's Bounty shooting gallery. Long Beard has run his ship aground and now players must shoot for the highest score and take his treasure. Realistic animation and digital sound effects make it feel like you're part of this adventure. But beware-old Long Beard likes to shoot back a spray of water that is sure to shiver your timbers.

Shooting Galleries

Click to see enlarged gallery image.

All galleries include:  

  • Custom built set to your specifications
  • Scoring and Ticket Dispensing
  • 1 year limited warranty on all parts and labor
  • 1 complete spare gun position
  • Air compressor
  • Misc. spare parts


  • Expandable up to 10 guns
  • Water shoot-back system
  • Dollar bill Validator
  • Card readers
  • Constant sound effect
  • Attraction Mode

Targets Listed Below:

  • Long Beard the Pirate                    
  • Pirate in Jail
  • Large Crab                       
  • Rum Crate              
  • Giant Crow                         
  • Target Includes Natural or Digital Sound Effect
  • Pirate in Rum Barrel
  • Talking Parrot
  • Thunder Storm
  • Rat From Crate
  • Drinking Skeleton
  • Jolly Roger Flag             
  • Treasure Chest
  • Ship's Cannon
  • Breaking Rum Bottle   
  • Treasure Map          
  • Hanging Crate
  • Standing Cannon
  • Giant Spider
  • Shaggy Dog    


 (All sizes are standard and can be changed.  Each gallery is custom built to meet the client’s needs.)

4 gun - 8’ wide, 14’ deep, 10’ high 

6 gun - 12’ wide, 14’ deep, 10’ high

8 gun - 16’ wide,  15’deep, 10’ high

10 gun - 10’ wide, 16’ deep, 12’ high