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Shooting Galleries

Amusement Electronics has specialized in manufacturing interactive electronic shooting galleries for over 40 years. Today we are the premier choice for theme parks, restaurants and family entertainment centers throughout the world.

With over 25 themed galleries to choose from, Amusement Electronics offers the largest selection of custom galleries in the industry. Each gallery is custom built to the buyer’s exact requirements and backed by a two year warranty and unparalleled customer service.

Throughout the many years of building over 500 galleries, we have refined our electronics to a very simple and reliable system. We do not use any complicated computer system that can cause the entire game to be disabled. Instead, we have designed individual components for each gun position and target that are extremely reliable and easy for anyone to understand.

Our goal at Amusement Electronics is to provide an exciting interactive game which also maximizes profits for its owners. We have kept our galleries state-of-the-art and economical to ensure a quick return on investment. Many of our galleries pay for themselves in just a few months and last decades, producing reliable income year after year.

Please give us a call and we will be happy to show you in more detail why Amusement Electronics is your choice for a custom shooting gallery!